Universities in 6th of October, Egypt

6th of October is an Egyptian settlement in the city of Cairo founded in 1979. This location gets its name from the date marked out to commemorate the Egyptian Armed Forces Day. 6th of October is known for its higher education institutions. 

There are four prominent Universities in 6th of October, Egypt-Misr University for Science and Technology, October University for Modern Sciences and Arts, October 6 University, and Modern Sciences and Arts University.

Why Study in 6th of October?

The October 6 University is a privately owned coeducational higher institution renowned as the first and largest in Egypt. Universities on 6th of October have highly qualified teaching staff offering high-quality advanced training programs.   

In addition to offering 14 Bachelor’s and 14 Master’s degrees, October 6 University also offers pre-bachelor foundation degrees, associate degrees, diplomas, and certificates.  

International students to Universities in 6th of October, Egypt can leverage international students liaison centre designs to ease their stay and studies in Egypt. These centres assist with the assimilation and accommodation needs of international students.

Eligibility Criteria 

Application to study at October 6 University is free. You begin an application online by selecting your preferred study program. Each program comes with a list of requirements that vary depending on the applicants’ home country. 

However, regardless of where students may come from, all applicants will be required to provide some similar documentation. These credentials include a completed application form, proof of English language proficiency (IELTS or TOEFL), a Copy of an international passport, and a copy of the passport photograph.

The other enrolment requirements are health and life insurance, medical certificate, proof of financial capability, criminal background clearance, and a student visa.

For postgraduate study programs, students would be required to provide letters of recommendation and outline their research proposal for MA or PhD. The study program coordinator would also interview students to ascertain their suitability for the program.   

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