Universities in Aarhus, Denmark

Do you want to secure your career by getting into a prestigious university in Denmark? Aarhus, one of the top-most cities in Denmark, with a reputation of mass-producing scientists and scholars for years, is an excellent option to consider. Students from the universities in Aarhus get to explore the best career opportunities through the career-centric teaching approach and professional training programs.

Why Study in Aarhus, Denmark?

While Denmark ranks 10th in the World Education Rankings, Aarhus ranks 3rd in Denmark regarding the best available universities, offering study programs in various departments. The main subjects to apply for in Aarhus include Arts, Design, Architecture, Business, Marketing, Communication, Economics, and Engineering.

Aarhus University is the best among all, with an acceptance rate of between 40 and 50 per cent, making this university one of the most challenging universities to get admission into. Every year more than 30,500 students worldwide apply to study at Aarhus University, while only 9,000 graduate. Art Majors should apply for the Aarhus School of Architecture of the Royal Academy of Music at Aarhus. These universities offer exchange programs and orientation programs to provide international students with equal education facilities.

Higher education in Aarhus is free for students from the EU or EEA. International students applying for an exchange program can study in Aarhus for free. All other students are required to pay affordable tuition fees. Students can also apply for Danish State Scholarships at the Aarhus University and get tuition fees paid by the Danish Government.


Most courses in Aarhus are taught in English. Hence, international students need a certificate of their English Language Proficiency. Take a language exam such as TOEFL or IELTS and pass it with an ‘English A’ or an ‘English B’ grade.

Also, all students should appear for a qualifying examination and pass all admission requirements, according to the University of Aarhus they are applying for.

Students qualifying for the entrance exam can proceed with the admission process. Further, international students can use the letter of acceptance from the university to apply for a residency permit in Aarhus, Denmark. So good luck!

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