Universities in Arequipa, Peru

Arequipa is the second-largest industrial and commercial city of Peru and the largest city of the Arequipa Region. It is often dubbed as the ” legal capital of Peru ” since it is the seat of the Constitutional Court of Peru.

Popular Arequipa Universities

Arequipa houses some of the premier universities of Peru, which offer multidisciplinary educational programs, coupled with some of the finest teaching faculties and advanced research facilities for both native and international students.

The  National University of Saint Augustine (UNSA) is one of the oldest public universities in Latin America. It is ranked 301 by the QS University Ranking Latin America (2021). The university has a student body numbering over 25,000. Teaching is split across three campuses and 17 colleges. The subject areas covered are medicine, business, biological sciences, process engineering and humanities. In terms of facilities, the university owns one of the largest multi-purpose sports stadiums in the country – Estadio de la UNSA.

The San Pablo Catholic University (UCSP) is another such university located in the metropolis of Arequipa. Despite being one of the youngest educational institutions, San Pablo Catholic University ranks in the national ratings of Peru. The university offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in several disciplines, namely Humanities, Social Sciences, Business and Engineering. 

Additionally, the (UCSP) also runs various research centres and institutes. In the last couple of years, the university has won more than 15 project grants nationwide and more than ten project grants in partnership with various companies in Arequipa.

Eligibility Criteria

Admission to the universities mentioned above is based on entrance examinations conducted by the respective universities. The evaluation is made based on the following criteria: Verbal Reasoning 25%, Mathematical Logical Reasoning 25%, Knowledge 50%. International students attending Peruvian universities must also hold the secondary school completion credentials corresponding to their Peruvian counterparts. 

Other documents needed are as follows:

Photocopy of the Immigration Card, Passport or Identity Card.

Photocopy of the consular certificate indicating their address in the country.

Certificate of studies accompanied by the syllabi of the subjects approved, stamped and approved by the university of origin (for applicants who wish to continue their university studies).

The confirmation process for a Peruvian student visa can take upwards of  5 days. All international students are expected to be conversant in Spanish. 

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