Best Universities in Baltimore, USA – Ratings & Rankings 2022

Baltimore is a mid-Atlantic city in the USA. Very few cities can claim to be older than Baltimore, and very few cities in the US are historically significant. This city’s relevance to the USA’s political, economic, educational, and social landscape cannot be overemphasised. Baltimore also plays home to as many as 13 different Universities and colleges.  

Top 5 Universities in Baltimore, USA

Here are the ranking and ratings of the best universities in Baltimore.

RankingUniversityStudent Satisfaction RatingOfficial Website
#1Johns Hopkins University8.4/10
#2University of Maryland, Baltimore County8.8/10
#3Loyola University Maryland8.6/10
#4University of Maryland, Baltimore8.2/10
#5Morgan State University8.6/10

Why Study in Baltimore, USA?

Baltimore is a picturesque city that takes students back into time. The history of the city sets the tone for discovery. Students soon realise who they are, where they come from and where they need to be in life. 

Baltimore Universities are institutions for academic work and places for cultural integration. 5 out of the 12 public institutions of higher learning that make up the University System of Maryland are based in Baltimore. 

These include Towson University, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, University of Maryland, Baltimore, University of Baltimore, and Coppin State University. 

All these Universities offer admissions into both graduate and undergraduate studies. Students from far and wide can apply for admission into any of the Universities in Baltimore, USA.

Baltimore is home to many historical sites and museums that help broaden the historical knowledge base of students. International students are welcomed with open arms on campuses by fellow students and administrators. 

Universities in Baltimore are safe, with one of the lowest incident and accident rates in the US. In addition, Universities in the city have a four to five-star ranking, with five stars being the highest rating available.

Eligibility Criteria

Like in most Universities in the US, students wishing to study in Universities located in Baltimore will have to meet strict admission guidelines for graduate and undergraduate studies.

Admissions for an undergraduate degree course is possible only if students provide evidence of English Language proficiency, proof of high school diploma or certification, a personal statement, letter of recommendation,  copy of passport, and so on.

For admission into graduate studies, students need to provide a CV or Resume, proof of Bachelor’s degree, a personal statement, letter of recommendation, copy of passport, evidence of financial proficiency, and so on.   

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