Universities in Banjarmasin, Indonesia

Often called the city of a thousand rivers, Banjarmasin is a major city in Indonesia with a literacy rate of 98.94% in 2021. It is home to some notable universities offering bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees in several fields. Universities in Banjarmasin aim to facilitate community service and educational and research activities; they deliver graduates with high-quality skills and abilities. 

Plan your degree with Universities in Banjarmasin

The Banjarmasin’s universities have a developed education system and offer top-class education, advanced facilities, vibrant experience, and excellent career options.

Muhammad Arsyad Al Banjari Kalimantan Islamic University is one of the largest private institutions in Indonesia, offering twenty undergraduate and four master’s study programs, including communication studies, farm, management, and public administration. The 2021 EduRank Rankings ranked it 2375th in Asia and 6621st worldwide. 

The university’s mission is to enhance the quality of education, public services, and research, strengthen the partnership with local and global institutions, and use universal Islamic values for character building. It constitutes over 430 academic staff, 20,000 students, and nine faculties of social and political sciences, economics, Islamic studies, agriculture, information technology, law, public health, engineering, and teacher training and education. 

The State Institute for Islamic Studies Antasari is another higher education institution with more than 9,000 students. It has a selective admission policy and an acceptance rate of 55%. The institution is at the 245th spot in Indonesia as per EduRank Rankings 2021. 

Eligibility Criteria

To study at Banjarmasin, you must have an Indonesia Student Visa. The documents to be submitted along with the visa application form are a passport copy, two recent passport-sized photos, a study permit, a Curriculum Vitae, a health certificate, a letter of acceptance from the institution, a sponsorship certificate, academic transcripts and records, and a letter of recommendation.

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