Universities in Belem, Brazil

Brazil, one of the fastest-growing large economies of the world, is home to some of the best universities. It has grown into an education hub for students across the globe. Every year thousands of students from diverse backgrounds flock to Brazil to pursue their academic careers. Located in the northern part of the country is the port city of Belem. The capital and the  largest city of Para state in Brazil, Belem is a preferred destination for higher education. The most prominent universities in Belem include the Federal University of Para, the Para State University, the Federal Rural University of Amazonia, etc.

What makes Belem a Center of Higher Education?

Belem has emerged as a centre of higher education in recent times. The quality of education is comparable to that in European universities. The top-notch research facilities, world-class infrastructure, best in field teaching faculty and a relatively cheaper cost of living make it a favourite choice for students. The students can choose from a wide range of subjects on the offer. With more than 40,000 enrolments, the Federal University of Para offers courses in about 113 subjects. Further, the students in the universities of Belem get to intern with the industry leaders and make a career with the leading MNCs. 

Eligibility Criteria

Students seeking admission in Belem need to register themselves at the national portal called SISU. The education in Brazil from elementary school to post-graduation is fully government-funded, and the students just need to submit the registration fees. The documents required at the time of admission include letters of recommendation from two different academic persons, statement of purpose, previous year academic transcripts and passport with a student visa valid throughout the duration of the course. The students whose first language is not Portuguese need to appear for an exam called Celpe Bras, based on which the admission is secured. With the increasing number of international students, Belem has also started courses in English, Spanish and Chinese languages. 

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