Universities in Bielefeld, Germany

A city located in Ostwestfalen-Lippe in Germany, Bielefeld is the 18th largest city area-wise and is the most populous in Detmold region. A big city with rural life and open spaces, Bielefeld make up for a beautiful place to live and study. The city is quite affordable, making it one of the most sought places for learning. The rental prices are relatively low and are an excellent advantage for the students.

With four prestigious universities and multiple companies picking students for employment in various fields, Bielefeld is a recommended city for higher education in Germany.

Why Study in Bielefeld, Germany?

There are four universities in this city.  The University of Bielefeld ranks one among 108 universities ranked in Germany, and it has also been ranked among the top fifty engineering universities. Considered the ‘reform university’, it follows a different teaching approach. To bridge the gap between teaching and research, the faculty members teach research-based courses as per their expertise. There are 116 courses in various academic disciplines ranging from Law, Biology to Economics and Management.

Fachhochschule des Mittelstands- FHM, a private institution for applied sciences, offers various bachelor’s degrees and various additional facilities. It is present in Bielefeld, Studienort, Hannover, and Duren.

Eligibility Criteria

The international students who have scored 60% in academics, LORs, and have gained good scores in language can apply and have a strong chance of getting selected in Germany. However, specific courses require aptitude tests that can be checked on their respective sites. GRE/GMAT tests are not required to apply in Germany. You need to apply to the Embassy or Consulate of Germany and spend around 75 Euros. Many countries come under the visa-waiver program.

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