Universities in Bochum, Germany

Bochum is a city in Western Germany. It has a total of 7 universities for higher education programs. The most popular among them is the Ruhr University Bochum founded in 1965. 

Apart from this, other higher education universities in Bochum are Bochum university of applied sciences, Georg Agricola University of applied sciences, Protestant University of Applied Sciences, Schauspielschule Bochum (Bochum drama school), College of the Federal Social Security, University of Health Sciences.

Why Study in Bochum?

Some of the most popular study programs in the Universities of Bochum include Biochemistry, Chemistry, Cognitive Science, Computational Engineering, and Development Management.

Generally, one study program has a duration of 2-6 semesters. 

The highest-ranked i.e The Ruhr University of Bochum, has the following study programs: Humanities, Engineering, Natural Sciences & Mathematics, Business, Economics & Law, Social Sciences, Medicine & Health. It has 24 study programs in English. It is a public university that educates 43,000 students from 130 countries. The University focuses mainly on IT security, Neuroscience, and Materials Research Development.

The second most famous University in Bochum is the Bochum University of Applied Science, founded in 1971. It mainly educates its students in Natural Sciences & Mathematics, and Engineering. Commonly known as UAS_BO, the university educates its graduates in teaching, research & University organisation by the combined ideology and intellects of different countries.

Eligibility Criteria

For language requirements, the applicants must have scored a minimum of 5 IELTS bands which goes to a maximum of 7.5 bands. A minimum of 72 TOEFL scores are a must, but it’s better to score a maximum of 100 TOEFL scores. The Cambridge levels should be between B2 first to C2 proficiency. The students applying for higher education in Bochum must fulfil this eligibility criterion to get admission into the universities.

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