Universities in Bogor, Indonesia

Indonesia, the largest economy in Southeast Asia, is a land full of opportunities. Its multi-lingual and multi-cultural society provides students with the necessary exposure to widen their horizons. Every year, thousands of students from different parts of the world come to the archipelago country to enrich their careers. 

Bogor, located to the south of Jakarta’s capital city, is a central education hub of the country. It is home to several institutes of higher learning with international prestige. The most prominent among them include IPB University, Pakuan University, Juanda University, etc.

What Makes Bogor a Centre of Higher Studies?

Nicknamed the Rainy City, Bogor is an important scientific and educational centre of the country. With academic and research facilities dating back to the nineteenth century, it has a long tradition of developing new techniques for the industry. 

The IPB University is the highest-ranked institute in the city, with a particular emphasis on agricultural research. Adding to the research credentials of the town is the Centre for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), which is headquartered here.

Students in Bogor get a world-class infrastructure, high research standards, academia-industry linkages, post-study working opportunities and vibrant campus life. Students can work part-time up to twenty hours a week alongside their studies.

Eligibility Criteria

The admission process for universities in Bogor begins around February every year. After selecting the study program and institute, students need to fill out the application form available on the official websites of the universities. The application fee varies around $50. 

Students need to attach their self-attested copies of academic transcripts of the previous three years, passing certificates, resume, statement of purpose, and passports with the application form. The universities also ask for a portfolio of work to screen the candidates. 

International students need to apply for a student visa after university approval. The Indonesian residence permit for students should be renewed every year and has a 6-month validity for entry. As the process can be time-consuming, students should apply accordingly.

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