Universities in Brest, France

Known as the ‘city of 5 harbours’, Brest has an exciting history and is one of the best student cities in France. Being a student at Universities in Brest, you will not only get excellent quality of education but you will also be prepared for unseen future situations in the best possible way. Brest’s universities offer top-quality research facilities, outstanding job opportunities, a lively cultural environment, attractive nightlife, great value for money, and more. 

Why pick Universities in Brest for Higher studies?

With its affordable cost of education and living, Brest attracts more than 3,000 international students across the globe. Universities in Breast provide bachelor’s, masters and PhD degrees in a total of 53 programs. 

A PhD degree can be obtained in 12 programs at Brest’s universities. Students can choose from technology, humanities, dentistry, law and jurisprudence, philology, sports, and others. While a master’s degree is available in programs such as health, medicine, management, technology, natural sciences, economics, and sports. You can also study seventeen bachelor programs at five universities.

The University of Western Brittany is a multi-campus university with a brilliant graduate employability rate. It was ranked 432 by Scimago Institutions Rankings 2021 and 751 by NTU Performance Ranking of Scientific Papers 2020. National Institute of Advanced Technology is another renowned university positioned at 549th spot by the Scimago Institutions Rankings 2021. 

Ranked 763 by the US News: Best Global Universities 2020, IMT Atlantique is one of the elite technology universities in the world. It also got 457th position in the Scimago Institutions Rankings 2021.

Eligibility Criteria

Students need to show the required documents to get a master’s degree at the University of Western Brittany. These include an online application form, French Language Proficiency, transcripts, school leaving certificates, and degrees. However, requirements can vary according to each program.

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