Universities in Brussels, Belgium

Belgium, an established hub for international politics, is a major study abroad destination. Every year, thousands of students from different corners of the world choose the Belgian education system to quench their academic thirsts. It is home to several multi-lingual and multi-cultural cities, which offer students a unique blend of different nationalities, cultures and tastes. Brussels, the capital city and the headquarters of the European Union, provides students with an opportunity to further their international networking. There are a host of universities that feature among the top rankings of Europe and the world. The most prominent among them include the french-speaking Universite libre de Bruxelles (ULB) and the Dutch-speaking Universiteit Brussel, etc. 

What makes Brussels a Centre of Higher Education?

Brussels is known worldwide for its international character and composition. It is fast becoming an education hub. In 2020, it was ranked among the top 50 most affordable student cities globally. The universities in Brussels provide world-class education, top-notch research settings, rich student diversity, great work opportunities and a homely campus environment. The students can choose from a wide range of subjects on the offer here. Also, the courses are taught in a variety of languages, including English, Dutch, French languages, etc. Students can make their choice accordingly. ULB, founded in 1834, has around 30,000 student enrolments, with more than one-third comprising international students. ULB has carved a special place for itself in science, medicine, engineering, mathematics and management. 

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for different courses and universities vary from institute to institute. For the general graduate program, students need to have a higher secondary examination level. After selecting the course and university of their choice, students must contact the university directly and initiate the admission process. For medicine, engineering and other science fields, an entrance exam is regularly conducted by the university, based on which the applications are screened. Further, international students need to prove their language proficiency in Dutch or French as per the requirement. Next, the tuition fee needs to be paid to complete the admission process.

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