Universities in Bruz, France

France is one of the most popular study destinations for students worldwide. Their world-class education, optimum research environment, the unique French way of life, and a relatively lower tuition fee attract thousands of students from all parts of the world. Located in the northwest part of the country is the Bruz commune in the Ille-et-Vilaine department in Brittany. A city with a population of around 18,000, Bruz has four universities that offer study programs in 36 courses. 

What makes Bruz a Center for Higher Studies?

Bruz is home to the National School of Statistics and Information Analysis. It finds a place among the top universities in France to its credit. Its statistics and data processing courses are the most sought after by students. With a student-staff ratio of 5:1, it provides the best academic environment and ample opportunities for students to build on their skills. 

There are also reputed universities like Normal Superior School of Rennes, Louis de Broglie School and Environmental Management and Engineering School in Bruz. They give students the option to choose from a diverse range of subjects, including industrial engineering, water sciences, sports, management, social sciences, etc. 

Eligibility Criteria

To secure admissions to the universities in Bruz, students have to apply directly through the university websites. Students from the non-European Union/European Economic Area have to apply through an online application system to apply for student visas and track their application statuses. 

Students will be scrutinised based on their scores in standardised tests like GRE, GMAT, LSAT, etc. For specialised courses, they will have to undergo a competitive exam followed by a personal interview before they finally secure admission. 

Non-EU students are also required to compulsorily take the preliminary admission test (Demande d’admission prealable), DAP. They can apply for the DAP at the Culture and Cooperation Services of the French embassy in their home countries. International students, moreover, need to take French or English language proficiency tests like DELF, TCF etc., based on the language they want to study the course in. 

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