Universities in Bucaramanga, Colombia

Bucaramanga, the capital of Santander in Colombia, is the center for higher studies with top-ranked colleges, universities, engineering schools, medical schools, and law schools. Here students can choose the right career path by finding the best university to enroll in. 

Why Study in Bucaramanga, Colombia?

Universities of Bucaramanga offer prestigious graduation-level Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. programs. The main area of interest includes Arts, Design, Music, Biology, Health, Medicine, Business, Finance, Engineering, Agriculture, Humanities, and Language Studies.

The three main universities in Bucaramanga are the Autonomous University of Bucaramanga, EAN University, and the Universidad de Antioquia. The Autonomous University of Bucaramanga holds 23rd rank in the QS University Rankings in Latin America. These universities host 9000+ students every year across various departments.

The average semester tuition fees are around 450 to 500 Euro, and monthly living costs are about 300 Euro. Here, students can take internships to work part-time and acquire experience. Alongside that, students can take part in cultural activities. Students can also take training in Language Studies to learn Spanish. Hence, affordable living and career-driven education facilities make Bucaramanga the best place to study.


Spanish is the official language in Bucaramanga. Hence, the language of instruction in most local universities is Spanish. International students must obtain a B2 level DELE diploma to prove their proficiency in Spanish. Otherwise, they can apply for degrees that are taught in English completely. Students should use their TOEFL and IELTS results to apply in courses taught in English. 

Local and international students should fill up the online application form to start the admission process. Students will be selected and notified about the next steps to follow based on their academic history.

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