Universities in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Not only is Buenos Aires one of the most preferred study destinations in Latin America, but it is also fast becoming the centre of university education across the world. Every year, thousands of students migrate to Buenos Aires to study the varied courses offered here. 

It is for this reason that the capital and largest city of Argentina ranked 22 in the Best Student Cities Index. Home to ten universities featured in the QS World Universities Ranking, Buenos Aires provides an ideal environment for students. 

Its high-quality education, prominent job opportunities, student diversity and relatively cheaper living cost make it a favourite among the student community. 

What makes Buenos Aires a Center of Higher Education

Buenos Aires has several private as well as public universities. The most prominent among them is the University of Buenos Aires. It ranked 69th in the Times Higher Education Report. 

Founded in 1821, the university has a rich diversity of students, with 15% of its more than 250,000 students coming from outside Argentina. It has 13 departments, ten museums and numerous hospitals affiliated with the university. 

To its credit, it has given the world five Nobel laureates, the maximum from a Latin American university. The courses in psychoanalysis are further the most sought after by students in BA.

Eligibility Criteria

The students wishing to study in Buenos Aires can apply directly through the official university websites. The university will require a copy of the necessary academic certificates for the program.  Students moreover need to produce all their previous academic records.

They need to have cleared the required language proficiency test in Spanish or English like IELTS, TOEFL, etc., based on the language their course is offered in. A statement of purpose, comprehensive resume and letter of recommendation from two different academic mentors are also required. Furthermore, the university will need the students to have their health insurance. 

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