Universities in Bydgoszcz, Poland

Often called a garden city, Bydgoszcz is Poland’s eighth-largest city and a significant educational and economic centre with prominent universities. It is a city of music and culture that hosts students worldwide. Universities in Bydgoszcz provide advanced knowledge in the chosen field of study and prepare students for their careers.

Why Become a Student at Universities in Bydgoszcz?

Universities in Bydgoszcz combines theory into practice and provide students with professional experience while studying. 

Ranked 56th in Poland and 595th globally by the Scimago Institutions Rankings 2021, the University of Science and Technology in Bydgoszcz is one of the top institutions offering art, agricultural, management, and technical study programs. It got 61st position in the Perspektywy Ranking 2021. 

The university has a long history of 60 years and has produced more than 43,000 graduates, mainly in mechanical engineering, agricultural sciences, and civil engineering. It comprises seven faculties of Agriculture and Biotechnology, Animal Breeding and Biology, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Management, Mechanical Engineering, Telecommunications and Electrical Engineering, Chemical Technology and Engineering, and an institute of Mathematics and Physics. 

The Kazimierz Wielki University of Bydgoszcz or Casimir is the largest institution in Bydgoszcz in terms of  the number of majors, professors, students and graduates. The university has an urban campus and offers degrees in humanities, pedagogy and psychology, natural sciences, health and tourism, administration and social sciences and more. 

Eligibility Criteria

Those planning to enrol at the Universities in Bydgoszcz should obtain a Poland Student Visa. The required documents are a visa application form, a valid passport, a short CV, health insurance, one passport-sized photograph, a letter of acceptance from the university, diplomas and school certificates, Polish or English language proficiency certificate, bank statements, evidence of accommodation in Poland, visa application fee, and transport documentation. 

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