Universities in Calgary, Canada

With top-rated universities and colleges, Calgary in Canada is a perfect education hub for young aspirants. The city offers excellent career opportunities in three main educational categories- Molecular Biology, Genetics, and Medical studies. No wonder this city attracts more than 5000 students from all over the world every year.

Why Study in Calgary?

Most universities in Calgary, including Ambrose University, Mount Royal University, University of Calgary, etc., are the top-raking holders in the global ranking list. With 200+ educational programs, these universities hold a high reputation in Canada. 

Ambrose University offers specialised courses in liberal arts and science education. By helping students solve problems with multiple perspectives, the university ensures a promising future for students.

Mount Royal University is the only university in Calgary that offers Doctoral and PhD programs in Agricultural Science, linguistic, chemical engineering, and archaeology. The University of Calgary is one of the best research institutions in Canada. 

International students can join an affluent community committed to creating a diverse and equitable study environment. The range of high-quality programs in Calgary’s universities offers exceptional paid work experiences to its students through internship programs. Later, aspirants can explore job opportunities in reputed companies.

Eligibility Criteria

The requirements vary from the continent and country the students belong to. However, taking a Basic English language test like the TOEFL Exam beforehand is necessary.

Generally, colleges in Calgary accept students who have overall 50% marks in their previous academics. Along with the details on your student visa, you need to submit all the supporting documents like the passport, academic certificates, letters of recommendation, and residency proof with your application.  

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