Universities in Caracas, Venezuela

Aspirants seeking top-ranking universities for pursuing their higher education can check out reputed universities in Caracas, Venezuela. Whether you wish to take a four-year undergraduate program, a postgraduate degree or a PhD program, you can choose from a range of disciplines offered by the top-rated universities in Caracas. As one of the largest cities in Venezuela, Caracas is home to 19 universities that offer 262 programs. 

Why Choose Caracas to Pursue Higher Education?

Caracas attracts thousands of national and international students worldwide. Among the popular programs offered by universities in Caracas include engineering, administration, IT, computer science, business, technology, management, accounting, education and many other faculties. 

A developed city in Venezuela, Caracas is a popular destination in Latin America. With its diverse culture and impressive landscape, the city offers a unique experience and amicable student environment. 

Among some of the top-ranking universities in Caracas is the Andres Bello Catholic University. It is one of the largest universities in Venezuela and was established in 1953. The university provides both academic and non-academic facilities to students. Featuring an extensive library and other state-of-the-art amenities, the university also offers online courses as well as distance learning opportunities. 

Another notable university in Caracas is the Universidad Central de Venezuela. Established in1721, it is a non-profit public university offering recognized higher education degrees including pre-bachelors degrees, certificates, diplomas and more. The fantastic sports facilities, library, scholarships and exchange programs make it the choicest consideration for many students aspiring to complete their academic or non-academic achievements from the university. 

Eligibility Criteria

Although the specific degree requirements may vary according to the discipline and level of education applied to, you may have to qualify the general eligibility criteria to be able to apply to any program. These include a high school diploma or GED, a minimum score in an aptitude test, certain coursework to be completed at the high school level. Other entrance requirements include a student visa, financial aid and the ability to pay the program fees. 

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