Universities in Celaya, Mexico

Mexico has gained international recognition for its world-class education. Its higher educational institutes constantly feature amongst the top universities of the world. Located in the central part of the country is the city of Celaya. Every year, hundreds of students from across the globe flock to Celaya to pursue their academic careers. 

Its world-class universities, optimum research-oriented programs, relatively cheaper living costs than the US and further employment opportunities make it a favourite among the students. Celaya is thus ranked one of the most student-friendly cities in Latin America. 

What Makes Celaya Good for Higher education?

Celaya is home to seven universities that offer study programs in more than 97 courses. It includes bachelor programs in 78 courses, masters in 18, and doctoral programs in nine courses. 

The Technical Institute of Celaya (ITC) is one of the most prestigious universities in the country. Its STEM courses attract students from all over Latin America and beyond. The university has collaborated with various universities across the Americas, Europe and Asia. The other prominent universities include the University of Celaya, the Latin University of Mexico etc. 

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility for admission to universities in Celaya includes qualifying marks in the online entrance test. The international students further need to prove their proficiency in Spanish or English through the language proficiency tests like TOEFL, IELTS, etc., based on the language their course is offered in. 

Students need to apply directly through the admission department of the university after paying the requisite application fee. 

The documents required at admission include passport, latest character certificate, letter of recommendation from two different academic personalities, a detailed resume, comprehensive statement of purpose, previous academic transcripts duly verified by the respective institute. 

The international students also need to prove their financial eligibility and have health insurance in their name. Students outside of Mexico can also apply through various academic exchange programs the universities conduct regularly. 

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