Universities in Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic

The Czech Republic, the most developed country in Eastern Europe, is a major cultural and educational centre and a popular destination for students from all over. Presently, more than 30,000 students from different nationalities study in the universities of the Czech Republic. Located in the South Bohemian Region is the city of Ceske Budejovice, the site for some of the best-ranked universities in the country. Some of the more renowned include the University of South Bohemia (JCU) and the Academy of Sciences. Students can apply in popular fields like engineering, economics, agriculture, language studies, etc. 

What makes Ceske Budejovice a Centre of Higher Education?

Ceske Budejovice has emerged as a preferred education centre of the region. With its esteemed universities, high-quality education, relatively low tuition fees, and affordable cost of living, it attracts students worldwide. The universities, especially JCU, offer students a wide array of opportunities to develop their professional skills. The courses offered in the Czech language are free of cost. The students are assessed through a unique methodology, and as a part of the EU, the universities use a European Credit Transfer System or a system compatible with ECTS. Also, several scholarship programs are being run in the country. 

Eligibility Criteria

The admission process in Ceske Budejovice is similar to those in other European Universities. For the bachelor level program, a high school diploma is required. For a masters degree, a graduation degree is preferable, and for the PhD program, a masters degree in the relevant field is essential. The universities generally conduct entrance examinations for admitting the candidates into the universities. The general documents required at the time of admission include self-attested copies of academic transcripts of the previous three years, at least two letters of recommendation from different academic persons, a detailed statement of purpose, a comprehensive resume, a character certificate and a passport. 

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