Universities in Cheonan, South Korea

South Korea, one of the most developed countries globally, is known for its strides in technology and innovation in recent years. It has achieved the fitting title of an Asian Tiger for its rapid economic progress. Behind these developments are a set of world-class institutes of higher learning. 

Located in the western part of the country is Korea’s third most populous city and technical headquarters- Cheonan. It is home to several top-ranking institutes of the country. These include Baekseok University, Dankook University, Namseoul University, etc. 

What Makes Cheonan a centre of Higher Education?

Cheonan has emerged as the growing education hub of the country. Every year, it receives thousands of students from Asia and beyond. The world-class infrastructure, pioneering research environment, novel pedagogy techniques, academia-industry linkages, cosmopolitan atmosphere and a vibrant campus life make Cheonan a favourite study destination among the student community. 

They can choose from a wide spectrum of courses, including medicine, engineering, law, philosophy, Korean studies, etc. The STEM courses- Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics are much in demand in Cheonan. Further, the graduates from Baekseok University have a higher employability rate than the national average. The students have ample opportunities to work in Korean and international companies post their education. 

Eligibility Criteria

The admission process in the universities of Cheonan is very competitive. Thousands of students apply for the limited seats, and the selection rate is thus only minuscule. After paying the required registration charges, students must register on the university’s official website to initiate the admission process. 

The students have to take entrance examinations conducted by the university, based on which their applications are screened. For admission to the English-taught courses, language proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL, etc., need to be taken. International students can take advantage of various scholarships offered by the government. 

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