Universities in Chiayi City, Taiwan

Taiwan, located at the junction of the East and the South China Seas, is a major developed economy. With its high investment in education and research, it has made great strides in the socio-economic development of its citizens. Evidently, Programme for International Students Assessment (PISA) ranked Taiwanese students with the highest skills on various parameters, including mathematical and scientific education.

In the Southwest of Taiwan Island, is the city of Chiayi. It is home to several universities of international repute. These include National Chaiyi University, National Chung Cheng University, Tatung University of Commerce and Technology, etc.

What makes Chiayi City a Centre of Higher Studies?

Chiayi is one of the major educational and technological centres of Taiwan. Answer to the Silicon Valley of the US, Chiayi has emerged as a major technological hub. The universities provide world-class technical education and academia-industry solid linkages. Students get the opportunity to intern with the leading minds of the industry. 

Apart from the technical degrees, study programs are also popular in management and Mandarin-language course. Further, many courses are also available in the English language to attract international students. The National Chaiyi University, for instance, has partnered with over 150 universities to facilitate student and faculty exchange programs.

Eligibility Criteria

For admission to the universities in Chaiyi city, students can apply directly through the university’s official website or send their applications along with the attached documents via post. The general documents asked by the university include academic records of previous years, proof of language proficiency, health insurance and a valid student visa. Students can avail themselves of various scholarship programmes being offered by the government. 

Some courses in the university have an entry-level examination to screen the candidates. Further, for admission to the postgraduate and doctoral programs, the university asks for a portfolio of work, followed by interviews to select the candidates. 

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