Universities in China

China, the country with the highest population globally, ranks 22nd on the World Education Ranking. More than 100 Chinese Universities feature on the list of top universities to apply for. China is an ideal study destination with more than 2700 universities and public colleges offering excellent career opportunities. Its booming economy makes sure that fresh graduates can build successful careers in Mainland China.

Why Study in China?

Higher educational institutions in China follow a strict education structure. The vast network of graduate courses covers all major areas, including Arts, Science, Commerce, and Education. Highly qualified specialists train for 20+ branches of science and 500+ majors in various subjects. Post-graduates can continue their research studies at the post-graduate or doctorate level.

Among so many world-class Universities in China, Tsinghua University in Beijing is the best that ranks 17th in the QS World University Rankings. More than 15,000 post-graduate students are training in arts, law, economics, social, and political studies. The other top universities include Peking University in Beijing, Fudan University in Shanghai, and Wuhan University in Wuhan.

Eligibility Criteria

Most universities in China take admission based on the applicant’s previous academic records. However, the applicant’s age should not be over 30 and 40 for a Bachelor’s & Master’s/Ph.D. degree.

Local aspirants can easily apply in any course they wish to study, such as language programs, technical programs, or health programs. But, most qualified international students go for MBA, MTech, and MBBS degrees. Applying for the Chinese language program is the least competitive area for local and international students.

China Student Visa (X1 and X2) has a maximum validity of 90 days from the issue date. Documents required for a visa include an admission letter, passport, JW201 or JW202 form, Physical Examination Record, and financial support proof. Students can live and study in mainland China freely based on their residency permits.

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