Best Universities in Cleveland, USA – Ratings & Rankings 2022

Cleveland has proven itself to be a city with a high tolerance level. Cleveland is one of the cities with a very high acceptance rate. In 2020, the city had a student acceptance rate in the upper 90s, with Cleveland State University alone having about 93.6%. 

Students can seek to gain admission into Universities in Cleveland for any number of majors. Some of these majors include popular courses, such as; Finance, Marketing and Marketing Management, Psychology, Biology and Biological Sciences.  

Top 5 Universities in Cleveland, USA

Here are the ranking and ratings of the best universities in Cleveland.

RankingUniversityStudent Satisfaction RatingOfficial Website
#1Case Western Reserve University9/10
#2Cleveland State University6.8/10
#3John Carroll University8.4/10
#4Delta State University9/10
#5Cleveland Institute of Art9.4/10

Why Study in Cleveland, USA?

The quality of life in Cleveland is high despite being a city known for its low prices. The cost of living in Cleveland is about 27.4% lower than the national average. 

It makes Cleveland a city ideal for frugal students in search of comparably lower-cost housing, utilities, transportation, entertainment, and groceries.

Cleveland provides both local and international students with access to student-oriented education. The excellent educational system in Cleveland is backed by innovative strategic collaborations with the community, institutions, government, industries, and businesses. 

Students at Universities in Cleveland start making the right connections and contacts early on to help them get a firm footing in their prospective careers.    

Eligibility Criteria

Students can be eligible to study in Universities in Cleveland, USA, for an undergraduate degree if they have a minimum high school Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.3. In addition to this, students should have scored a minimum of 16 in their ACT or 880 in their SAT. 

International students would be required to provide a copy of their passport, proof of English Language proficiency (TOEFL, PTE, IELTS), a letter of recommendation, a personal statement, an academic statement, proof of financial commitment, and so on.

Postgraduate studies also require this documentation in addition to a CV or Resume, transcripts, proof of Bachelor’s degree, and so on. Cleveland Universities have a high rate of student acceptance. 

Students from abroad have a great chance of gaining admission into a University in Cleveland with the presentation of proper documentation.   

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