Universities in Colombia

The higher education system of Colombia is represented by 91 universities with 2,379 study programs.

The Colombian higher education system comprises technical institutes focused on vocational education, university institutions focused on technological education, and universities focused on undergraduate and postgraduate education. The country has both public and private universities. Most public universities conform to the State University System (Spanish: Sistema Universitario Estatal, SUE), and most departments have at least one public university. Several private universities are affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church or are nonsectarian.

Why Study in Colombia?

An advantage that draws international students to the country is how easy it is to complete immigration procedures and obtain a visa to study in Colombia.

One of the most significant advantages of higher education in Colombia is that it offers specialised academic programs that are hard to find in other countries.

Some examples of this include the Nanotechnology Engineering degree offered by Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, the Pedagogy of Mother Earth bachelor degree specialising in indigenous customs and traditions provided by the Universidad Nacional de Antioquia, and the Archeology, Museology and Conservation and Restoration of the Movable Cultural Heritage degree at Universidad Externado de Colombia.

Eligibility Criteria 

The eligibility criteria include an interview assessment by the admissions committee and the university’s department.

Spanish, the official language in Colombia, is also the language of instruction used in most local universities. International students must prove their proficiency in Spanish, either by obtaining the DELE diploma B2 level or by being certified as having advanced proficiency by a licensed Spanish teacher.

In some Colombian universities, you can find several degrees available in English; for enrolling in these programs, you will also have to provide evidence of your language knowledge, mainly TOEFL and IELTS are the accepted language certificates. English language preparation for studying.

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