Universities in Concepcion, Chile

Concepcion, the 4th most popular city of Chile, is a hotspot for migrating students who wish to develop a successful career in South America. The city itself has three universities administered under the Ministry of Education of Chile. Offering 93 study programs, these universities hold top ranks in the global rankings. Alongside that, international students can enjoy affordable living while discovering the versatility and diversity of the city culture. 

Why Study in Concepcion?

Universities and private institutes of Concepcion are open for all, accepting student applications from various countries such as Europe and Asia. To ensure the quality of education, these universities are run by experienced and knowledgeable faculty. Students can learn through knowledge sharing and maximise their true potential.

The most popular programs in Concepcion are Education, History, Engineering, Health, Administration, Computer Science, Sociology, and Biology. There are 24 Bachelor’s programs, 47 Master’s programs, and 22 PhD programs at the three leading universities (the University of Concepcion, Catholic University of the Holy Conception, and the University of Bío-Bío).

The University of Concepción is the oldest and the most popular university with exclusive international exchange programs in on-campus and off-campus mode. The Universidad del Bío-Bío also offers international exchange programs with the flexibility to work part-time during training.

Eligibility Criteria

Based on the university you are applying for, the enrollment criteria might vary as per the academic year. A year of bachelor’s program costs around 5,000 USD, and a master’s degree program costs around 5,000 USD for a year. 

Please visit the official university website to confirm the admission process when applying. Issuing your student visa is a must, and it takes more than three weeks to get approved.

The student visa is valid for a maximum of one year. However, the applicant can extend it based on the education program period.  The student visa is valid for students getting a scholarship throughout the scholarship period.

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