Universities in Constantine, Algeria

Located in North Africa, Algeria is one of the most prefered study destinations on the continent. Every year it attracts hundreds of thousands of students from different corners of the world. Once a French colony, Algeria offers a unique blend of European and indigenous cultures.

Constantine, also referred to as the City of Bridges, is located in the eastern part of the country. It is a major industrial, commercial and educational hub of the country. It is home to many public as well as private universities. The most known among them include the Emir Abdelkader University, University of Constantine 1, 2 and 3, etc. 

What makes Constantine a Centre of Higher Studies?

Named after Constantine the Great, the city of Constantine holds a vital position in the education circles of Africa and beyond. It provides world-class education, top-notch research settings, academia-industry linkages, startup incubators, and a cosmopolitan environment for the students. 

Students can choose from a wide spectrum of courses offered by these institutes of higher learning. These include medicine, engineering, natural science, Islamic studies, etc. Students get to enjoy vibrant campus life as well. The vast sprawling campus of the University of Constantine 1, the oldest in the city, for instance, is designed by the world-famous architect Oscar Niemeyer. 

Eligibility Criteria

Like the rest of Algeria, Constantine follows the 12+3+2 model of education. Students need to have completed a senior secondary school certificate for admission to the graduate programs. For a master’s program, a three-year bachelor’s degree is an essential requirement. Further, a master’s degree in the relevant subject is required for a doctoral program.

International students need to take language proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL, etc., to prove their eligibility in the English-taught course. The other general documents include self-attested copies of previous years’ academic transcripts, letter of recommendation, portfolio of work, resume, IDs and passport. Students need to apply for a student visa to complete the admission process. 

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