Universities in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Bangladesh, the land of famous Bengal tigers, is known for its rapid growth in education, innovation and industrial development. It has a handful of private and public universities, which attracts students from across South Asia and beyond. 

Dhaka, the capital city, is Bangladesh’s major educational, industrial and technological centre. It is also home to some of the highest-ranked universities in the country. The notable among them include the University of Dhaka, the Bangladesh National University, the Daffodil University etc. 

What Makes Dhaka Great for Higher Studies?

With its mild winters and tropical weather, Dhaka offers a unique opportunity for the students to study the development model that it has emerged to be. Its world-class institutes, research-oriented study programs, innovative pedagogy techniques, best in field faculty and a long history of imparting education makes it a preferred study destination. The students can choose from a wide variety of subjects, including law, medicine, engineering, environmental studies, language studies, etc.

Students get to explore the rich cultural heritage, local traditions and diverse lifestyles alongside their studies, enriching their overall study experience in Bangladesh. The low-tuition fees and affordable cost of living also make it an ideal place for students with a budget. As per Numbeo, the estimated cost of living excluding rent is 36,579.53৳. Scholarships and post-study work opportunities are also aplenty in the national capital.

Eligibility Criteria

Students seeking admission to the universities in Dhaka can apply either through the national higher education portal or directly to the universities of their choice. The universities regularly conduct entrance examinations, based on which admission is granted. 

Students have to submit their academic transcripts of previous years alongside their application form. A degree in a relevant subject is an essential requirement for postgraduate and doctoral programs. International students further need to present letters of recommendation, a resume, a statement of purpose, ID proof and a valid student visa for the admission process.

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