Universities in Dusseldorf, Germany

Germany is one of the leading education hubs of the world. Every year, thousands of students choose Germany to advance their academic lives. German universities combine research and innovative pedagogy techniques; and have been the scene for groundbreaking inventions like the printing press, the computer, mp3 etc. 

Located at the confluence of the Rhine river and the Dussel is the city of Dusseldorf. It is a major educational and commercial centre of the country. It is home to a plethora of public and private universities. Among them are Dusseldorf Art Academy, Heinrich Heine University, Robert Schumann University, etc. 

What makes Dusseldorf a Center of Higher Education?

Dusseldorf has been ranked among Mercer’s most livable cities in the world. Its world-class universities, research fuelled education, zero tuition fees, rich culture, and vibrant campus lives make it a favourite among the students. Dusseldorf is the address for several Fortune Global 500 countries; as a result, the students can get the first-hand experience of working with the industry leaders. The students can choose from a diverse range of courses offered here. Heinrich Heine University, the largest in the city, provides a variety of subjects, including natural sciences, computer sciences, mathematics, philosophy, social science, etc. Further, there are plenty of international programs offered in the universities here.

Eligibility Criteria

Each university in Dusseldorf is autonomous, and the admission criteria thus vary from institute to institute. The general documents required at the time of admission include self-attested copies of academic transcripts of the previous three years, a detailed statement of purpose, a comprehensive resume and a letter of recommendation.

The international students need to prove their language proficiency in German or English based on the language their chosen course is offered in. The scores in IELTS, TOEFL, GMT, GRE etc., will be taken into consideration based on the subject selected. Students must also prove their financial eligibility and have a student visa valid throughout the duration of the course. 

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