Universities in Fortaleza, Brazil

Do you have the ambition to pursue higher education at a reputed university in Brazil? Fortaleza, the capital of Ceará, completely dominates the other cities in Brazil, hosting career-centric specialised courses across various fields. The educational culture of Fortaleza is diverse and respectable, represented by multiple public and private institutions. The vibrant city life, hospitable locals, and affordable living facilities of Fortaleza attract students from various countries, such as the USA, Europe, and Asia.

Why Study in Fortaleza, Brazil?

The higher education system of Fortaleza is represented by two public universities, offering more than 100 study programs and majors. The main subjects to apply for include Arts, Literature, Business, Medicine, Health, Engineering, Science, and Technology. There are many exchange programs listed, specially curated for international students.

The Federal University of Ceará ranks number one in Fortaleza. Administered by the Ministry of Education, this university offers advanced training programs to match the international education standards. The Federal University of Ceará (UFC) is the second-best university in Fortaleza with more than 65 years of training experience. This university has multiple departments covering three major domains, including Arts, Science, and Commerce.

The tuition fees are extremely affordable and cost around $2000 per academic year. Students can also apply for the Brazilian Government Exchange Program, FAPESP and PAEC OAS-GCUB scholarships. Overall, the exceptional education facilities and comprehensive courses make Fortaleza an ideal study destination.


All prospective candidates must take an entrance examination to apply for any study program in Fortaleza. Students can choose any university and any degree program and apply online.

International students should have a minimum of one year’s Portuguese study experience alongside good academic background. Students can use their GMAT or GRE scores to apply for majors in Fortaleza.

Once the student gets shortlisted, they should apply for a student visa. Based on the residency permit validity, they are free to come and stay in Fortaleza till the end.

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