Universities in Gdansk, Poland

Gdansk is the fourth largest metropolitan city in Poland. It is the major port in the country and has some great universities to pursue higher studies. The reputation of universities in Gdansk is on an upward trend each year with excellent rankings in QS, Times Higher Education Young University Rankings, etc.

Why choose to study in Gdansk

Poland is said to be one of the best educational destinations in Europe. This is probably due to the advanced education system and the affordable cost of living in the country. Gdansk is home to one of the top 10 universities in Poland, i.e. University of Gdansk. In addition, there are the Gdansk University of Technology and Gdansk Medical University that offer subjects that are ranked very well in Poland as well as in the world.

The University of Gdansk is the city’s top higher education institution. Established in 1970, the university offers education in 87 areas and has 205 specialisations. It has a very established learning process and high-quality faculty. Every year the university hosts an increasing number of international students, a sign of excellent reputation worldwide. The University of Gdansk is ranked 1038th globally and 12th in Poland in the Webometrics Ranking 2022, and 801st in the QS World Ranking 2022.

Eligibility Criteria

You can apply for any university in Gdsnak, where you have to submit the required documents along with your application form. These documents include passport and passport size photographs, previous degree or diploma certificates, language test scores, visa (if required), proof of your stay in Poland, etc.

You do not need a visa if you are a student from the European Union, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway, or Switzerland. But if you are from any other country, a Poland student visa is necessary. The documents required for this process are a visa application form, your identity proof with passport size photograph, acceptance letter from the university you have chosen to study, past academic records, etc.

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