Universities in Geneva, Switzerland

Switzerland has continuously ranked among the World Top Ten Study-Abroad destinations. Every year, thousands of students from different quarters of the world choose the Swiss nation for pursuing higher education.

One of the world’s major economic centres, Geneva, the global city, is home to many world-class universities. The most prominent among them include the University of Geneva, the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, etc. 

These institutes are the world leaders in innovation, research and knowledge production. Geneva is also the address for world-renowned CERN, the research institute where particle physicists from all across the globe join hands to look deeper into the atoms. 

What Makes Geneva a Center of Higher Education?

The universities in Geneva are one of the highest-ranked in the world. The top-notch education, innovative pedagogy techniques, highly research-oriented environment, vibrant campus life, rich multilingual diversity and post-study opportunities make it a favourite among the student community. 

For instance, the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies is the oldest in Europe, teaching international affairs and the most prestigious one. Moreover, the students can choose from a diverse spectrum of subjects ranging from medicine to law, engineering to philosophy, and political science to artificial intelligence. 

Eligibility Criteria

Students need to apply directly through the official channel of the universities as there is no single centralised portal for admissions. The minimum requirement for admission also varies from university to university. Thus students need to keep all their documents ready. The general documents required at admission include self-attested copies of academic transcripts, letter of recommendation, resume, statement of purpose, health insurance etc. 

Once the admission is secured, the international students need to apply for a Swiss National Visa D, different from the common Schengen visa. Further, they need to provide proof of their financial eligibility. They also need to undertake language proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL, etc.

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