Universities in Georgia

With a very high ranking on Human Development Index, Georgia is one of the major educational centres of the world. Every year thousands of students worldwide come to Georgia to enrich their academic careers.

Georgia has a long tradition of imparting tertiary education to the masses. It is home to a handful of public as well as private institutes of higher learning. The most prominent among them are the Tbilisi State Medical University, the University of Georgia, the Technical University of Georgia, etc.

What makes Georgia a Centre of Higher Studies?

Georgia has made sweeping reforms in the field of education, and it is a result of these measures that it now receives one of the maximum international students. Top-rated are the courses in medicine and medical practice, and the Tbilisi State Medical University is the leading institution behind this surge.

These institutes provide quality class education at a relatively affordable price. The cost of living in the country is also modest, attracting a huge number of budget students. The students can choose from a wide variety of subjects on the offer here. The universities run regular student exchange programs with several universities across the continent. 

Eligibility Criteria

The students are required to apply directly to the university of their choice. The eligibility criteria vary with the choice of subject and the university. For graduate degrees that lasts for three or four years, generally, a secondary school certificate is an essential requirement. For postgraduate and doctoral programs, a certificate in the relevant subject along with an interview by the department is taken into consideration. 

The general documents required at admission include academic transcripts of the previous three years, a detailed statement of purpose, a comprehensive resume, IDs and a valid student visa. The university can also ask for a portfolio of work before finalising the admission. International students need to produce proof of financial viability and health insurance before getting into the university system. 

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