Universities in Gifu, Japan

Gifu is a beautiful city located in central Japan. The town provides advanced education facilities to all its students and uses cutting-edge technology. It houses several national and international educational institutions, including 19 technical institutes and eight colleges and universities.

Two major railway stations connect Gifu nationally and internationally. Therefore, it is easy to visit Gifu as it is well-connected.

Why Choose to Study in Universities in Gifu, Japan? 

Gifu has several higher education institutions accredited by Japan’s Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sports. One of them is Gifu University, ranked 601-650 in QS Global World Rankings 2022. It is the largest university in Gifu and offers undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral, engineering degrees with highly qualified faculties.

It offers degrees in many disciplines such as veterinary science, medicine, agricultural science, social systems management, and many more. Apart from that, students can also take admission to Gifu University to research specialised subjects.

Asahi University is also one of the best universities in Gifu. Established in 1972, it is a higher education institution that offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in several fields. It is ranked 275th in the country and offers students various academic and non-academic facilities.

Apart from these universities, a Gifu Women’s University is also established to provide an excellent education facility for women.

Eligibility Criteria

International students can study at this university by opting for a Japan Student Visa. The documents required to apply are a student visa application form, valid passport, passport size photographs, admission letter, and other educational certificates. Gifu University also offers scholarships to both national and international students. 

To get selected at Gifu Universities, students must appear for an entrance exam such as the EJU (Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students). And if they get chosen, further admission procedures will have to be followed.

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