Universities in Graz, Austria

Capital of Styria and located in the southeast direction of the nation, Graz has six universities. It is called the ‘University Town’ due to the majority of students residing here. Almost every sixth person living here is a student. Hence, it attracts a large number of students every year.

Why Study in Graz, Austria?

This city is heaven for students and one of the safest places. Living in Graz is quite pocket-friendly, and you can easily travel from one place to another via public transport or bike, which is the most common mode of transportation. Also, historically and culturally rich, Graz has a lot to explore.

The University of Graz (established in 1585) is the largest and the second-oldest university. The alumni include many scientists, philosophers and Nobel laureates. There are around 120 programmes, ranging across six faculties from experimental physics to archaeology. This university comprises 12% international students and offers various mobility programs globally. A wide range of research and academic opportunities are provided in partnership with multiple organisations across the world.

The Graz University of Technology is a prestigious technical and research institution and comprises seven faculties. It falls under the public university domain and has 19 bachelor and 34 masters programmes to offer, and there are many doctoral training programmes. The university hosts around 13,000 students here every year.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria differ for the students belonging to EU/EEA and the students from outside EU/EEA, details of which can be checked online. You will also require a proficiency certification in the German language and English language (PTe, IELTS etc.) while students from outside EU/EEA require some additional documents.

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