Universities in Guayaquil, Ecuador

Ecuador, located in the northwestern part of South America, is world-renowned for its status as a megadiversity. Add a fusion of indigenous, European and African traditions; it makes for a preferred study location for students from different corners of the world. 

Guayaquil, the largest city and the main port of the country, is home to plenty of universities. It offers a rich cultural heritage, world-class universities, a research-oriented curriculum, a relatively lower cost of living, and vibrant campus life for the students.

What Makes Guayaquil a Center of Higher Studies?

Guayaquil has a plethora of public and private universities. The most prominent among them include the University of Guayaquil, Escuela Superior Politécnica del Litoral (ESPOL), Universidad Católica de Santiago Guayaquil, etc. 

ESPOL, with over 11000 students, is the highest ranked university in the city. It has found recurring mentions in the top university ranking lists worldwide. It has many research centres involving companies from the country and abroad, bringing many MNCs to the university. It undertakes several academic exchange programs with universities across continents. The national currency is USD, making it easier for international students to plan their study visits.

Eligibility Criteria

The university admission process is based on a holistic approach. Though the grades are paramount for admission, they also consider the strength of subjects, language proficiency, and other factors. If you are an international student, you need to prove your language proficiency by undertaking TOEFL, IELTS, etc., for English and a Diploma or Certificate for Spanish. 

Further, the general documents required at admission include academic transcripts of previous years, statement of purpose, letters of recommendation from two different academic persons, comprehensive resume and health report. For international applicants, a student visa valid throughout the duration of the curriculum and proof of financial eligibilty are prerequisites for admission to the universities of Guayaquil. 

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