Universities in Hamamatsu, Japan

Japan, one of the most developed countries globally, is a major study abroad destination of the world. It boasts more than 150,000 international students enrolled in its universities as of 2019. Behind the rich technological progress that this ‘Land of Rising Sun’ has made over the years, here, an elaborate higher education system is dotted with world-class universities.

Located on the eastern shore in Shizuoka is the city of Hamamatsu. It is a prominent student-friendly city in the world. It is the site for some of the most prominent universities in the country. These include the Shizuoka University, the Hamamatsu Gakuin University, Seirei Christopher University, etc. The Shizuoka University has very high research standards, and it ranks among the best universities in Japan, Aisa and the world in several University Rankings.

What makes Hamamatsu a Centre of Higher Education?

Hamamatsu has emerged as a global centre of higher education. Its top-notch universities, research-oriented curriculum, innovation-driven pedagogy, academia-industry linkages, a cosmopolitan environment and vibrant campus life, make it a hub for education. The students can choose from a diverse range of courses the universities offer in Hamamatsu. An increasing number of courses are also taught in the English language to attract international students. Low tuition fees and generous scholarship programmes make it easier for students to pursue higher education. The employability of students graduating from here is also considerably higher when compared to other Asian Universities. 

Eligibility Criteria

The students seeking admission to universities in Hamamatsu need to apply directly through the official channels of the university. Both online and offline modes are available for submitting the application after paying the applicable charges. For a bachelor’s program, students need to produce their senior secondary level education certificate; for a master’s program, a graduate degree in a relevant subject; and for a doctorate, a postgraduate degree is mandatory. The university regularly conducts entrance exams to shortlist candidates. The document package required at the time of admission includes the previous year’s academic transcripts, a letter of recommendation, a detailed statement of purpose, a comprehensive resume and a passport.

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