Universities in Hangzhou, China

Do you plan to pursue higher studies in one of China’s top-ranking universities? Hangzhou, one of China’s most prosperous cities, represents the robust education system of China with 39 world-class universities and institutes. The fresh graduates from these universities have high chances to land high-paying jobs. Naturally, applicants from other continents apply to various study programs.

Why study in Hangzhou, China?

This historical and cultural city of Hangzhou boasts a long history of excellent schooling. Hangzhou ranks number 10th in China according to having the most number of universities available to study. The 39 universities in Hangzhou offer 823 study programs, offering courses in Computer Science, Management, Engineering, Business, IT, Economics, Design, and Marketing.

Among all 39 Universities in Hangzhou, Zhejiang University holds the first position with more than

one thousand alumni working in various domestic or overseas companies. Some have been elected as members of the prestigious Chinese Academy of Engineering and Science. Students applying for Engineering & Science should consider either Zhejiang Technical Institute of Economics or Zhejiang Sci-Tech University. These universities bear high reputations with excellent faculties, teaching at their best to all.

Most universities in Hangzhou conduct the selection process based on the applicant’s previous academic records. Students not over 30 & 40 can apply for a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, and the education culture focuses on being synonymous with leadership and entrepreneurship. Boys and girls get equal facilities, encouraging them to follow the spirit of working on self-development. Students can apply for scholarships and do part-time jobs to fund the affordable tuition fees.


Applicants must submit the online application form alongside necessary supporting documents (previous academic records, finance support proof, medical insurance, etc.).

There are no additional requirements for local aspirants applying for language, technical, or health programs. But, international students need to get the Chinese Language Proficiency Certification to apply for the Language programs.

International students should raise China Student Visa (X1 and X2) requests to come and study in Hangzhou freely.

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