Universities in Huancayo, Peru

Located in central Peru, Huancayo is the capital of Junin. It’s a great place for students looking to learn Spanish and complete their bachelor’s, master’s, PhD, and other programs from a renowned university. The city is known for its extensive biodiversity and the mix of historical sites and natural beauty. 

Peru makes a great place for adventure lovers. Huancayo, Peru, is an affordable place for students who want cost-effective educational programs. The cost of living and education in the town is quite economical, making it a perfect place for international students.

Best Universities in Huancayo

With a well-established education system and many international students, Huancayo is an excellent place for pursuing higher studies. There are three main universities offering a wide range of educational programs. The most popular university in Best Huancayo, Peru, is the Continental University, ranking 6th in the Scimago Institutions Rankings and Nature Index – Top Academic Institutions. The National University of Central Peru and Los Andes Peruvian University are two other famous universities. 

Eligibility Criteria

Students must have a certificate of higher secondary education. For students pursuing a master’s degree, a copy of the bachelor’s degree along with your scores in the 10+2 are required. Since Spanish is the first language, most educational programs are in Spanish. So, you must know Spanish. International students need to take language proficiency tests and general reasoning tests based on their chosen course.

For admission, students must complete their application form and submit it with the original national identity document, academic transcripts, Spanish language proficiency test, financial stability proof, recommendation letter signed by the dean from their previous school or college, passport-sized photographs, and other ID documents as required by the college. The admission requirements vary by the university, so check these requirements on the university’s official website before applying. 

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