Universities in Ibague, Colombia

Colombia, the second-most populous country in South America, is known for its diverse culture, history, architecture, and coffee. Ibague is the capital of Tolima, one of the 32 departments that form the Republic of Colombia. Ibague is a rapidly developing economic hub in Colombia that also involves the growth of the education system.

Why Study at Universities in Ibague, Colombia?

There are two major universities in Ibague, the University of Ibague and the Universidad del Tolima (UT).

The University of Ibague, a private institution established in 1980 by some of the leading figures of Tolima, has a total of 5 faculties. There are 16 undergraduate courses, 12 specialised postgraduate courses, and three master’s degree courses in this university renowned by the Ministry of Education for the excellent quality of academics.

The Universidad del Tolima (UT) is an autonomous public university founded in 1945. UT is one of the most important and largest universities in Colombia that offers high-quality education and research facilities and excellent career prospects for students. The university has a wide array of programmes and courses at undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctorate levels.

Eligibility Criteria

All international students require a student visa to study in Colombia. To be eligible for a visa, you must be enrolled in a programme with a minimum of 10 hours of classes per week. All documents for your visa must be translated into Spanish before submitting them to the embassy.

To secure admission into universities in Ibague, you must provide your academic transcripts, international passport, and signed online application form.

Most courses in the Ibague universities are taught in Spanish. A DELE diploma B2 level Spanish proficiency certificate must be obtained by the international students opting for courses offered in Spanish. Meanwhile, if you enrol into courses offered in English, you must provide proof of English language proficiency. TOEFL and IELTS are the standard language proficiency certificates accepted by these universities.

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