Universities in Indonesia

Indonesia is the largest island country located in Southeast Asia and is home to several top-ranked higher educational institutions. With no extremes of summer or winter weather and reasonable prices for university fees, Indonesia can be an excellent education destination.

Why Choose To Study In Indonesia?

Known as the largest and first state university in the country, Gadja Mada University was established in 1949. According to the QS World University Rankings, it is ranked the top university in the country and 254th in the world. It has 18 faculties and 27 research centres that offer more than 200 study programs.

The University of Indonesia is one of the country’s best universities, ranked second according to the QS World University Rankings. UI was established in 1849, and by now, the education system has evolved a lot. It is one of Indonesia’s oldest and most prestigious higher educational institutions, consisting of 14 faculties providing an exceptional education. It also offers many other non-academic facilities like campus buses, campus bikes, sports facilities, financial aid, hostels, mosques, etc.

Eligibility Criteria

As an international student, you will need an Indonesian student visa to study. But this visa includes many other permits and visas; these are:

  1. First, you need to apply for a study permit at the proposed university.
  2. Next, you will apply for an entrance visa called VITAS at an Indonesian Embassy.
  3. After arriving in Indonesia, you will apply for KITAS, a Temporary Residence Permit at the Department of Immigration.
  4. And finally, you will have to register at the Police Headquarters and get the Certificate of Registration for Temporary Residence.

Apart from the student visa, you will also need an English language proficiency certificate to study in the universities here. Some institutes may also conduct interviews or entrance tests before taking admission from international students.

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