Universities in Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, the most popular city in Turkey, is an excellent choice for higher education, with internationally recognised universities and colleges offering graduation and doctoral-level degree programs. Over the years, the number of students choosing to study in Istanbul has witnessed a significant rise. Fresh graduates from the universities in Istanbul have the opportunity to gain affordable yet top-quality education and explore fantastic career opportunities.

Why Study in Istanbul, Turkey?

The higher education system of Istanbul is represented by 18 public and private universities, offering degree courses in Engineering, Science, Technology, Accounting, Economics, Business, Arts, and Literature. These universities also have vocational training programs, exchange programs, and short-term programs to satisfy each applicant’s unique interests.

As per the QS World University Rankings, the best university in Istanbul is Istanbul University, holding a spot in the top 10 higher education universities worldwide. Following Istanbul University, the Istanbul Aydın University, the Istanbul Technical University, and the Marmara University are the three best education institutes for international students.

Tuition fees in Istanbul are pretty affordable, depending on the study program. The universities in Istanbul charge around USD 300 to 800 for a graduate qualification. Deserving students can achieve Türkiye Scholarship, which is government-funded and covers full-term or short-term education expenses. Overall, the comfortable atmosphere, enjoyable living conditions, and international-standard education facilities make Istanbul an ideal study destination.


The application process in Istanbul is relatively straightforward. Applicants with a valid high school diploma can apply for a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree Program.

Fill up the online application form and submit all essential documents such as Academic Transcript, English Language Proficiency Score (IELTS or TOEFL), Proof of Funds, and Medical Certification.

The application process happens from December till March, and all students must submit their applications between that time. International students should apply for a student visa by contacting the nearest Turkish Consulate. After successful admission, students can stay and study in Istanbul, Turkey.

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