Universities in Italy

Tertiary institutions in Italy are mostly publicly owned and comprise universities, polytechnics, and postgraduate centres offering specialised study programs. 

While most of the universities in Italy are funded by the government, the universities all offer top-notch courses taught by some of the best professors in the world. 

Italy has 90 universities, with the prestigious University of Bologna renowned for being the oldest European university. Other famous publicly owned universities in Italy include the Politecnico di Milano, the Politecnico di Torino, the University of Siena, and the University of Pavia.

Why Study in Italy?

International students will find Italy to be one of the most affordable destinations in Europe for their higher education. Italy offers relatively lower tuition fees than what is obtainable in other top universities in Europe.

In Italy, the cost of living is also low compared to other popular academic locations in Europe like the UK, Germany, and France. Universities in Italy offer many courses in the English Language, and students can choose from a large number of study programs.

These English-taught study programs are available at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels of education and include International Relations, MBAs, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Architecture, and Fashion Design. 

Eligibility Criteria 

International students will be eligible for admission into a university study program (undergraduate or postgraduate) when they provide the following documents: international passport, passport photographs, academic certificates (degrees and diplomas), and academic transcripts.

Students have to prove their proficiency in the English Language by providing current TOEFL or IELTS test results. It must be noted that the required test score will depend on the type of study program that students intend to apply for. 

Students would be required to fill out an application form online. They would need to secure a student visa, and one of the criteria for getting this visa is proof of financial self-sustenance catering for living expenses and the tuition fees.

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