Universities in Japan

The economy of Japan is the third largest, which attracts many students from around the globe. Their education system is excellent, which has led to the production of various successful brands coming from Japan. There are around 300,000 international students in Japanese universities, which continues to rise every year.

Why Study in Japan?

Japan is making efforts to attract students worldwide by hiring more international staff for students, increasing the number of exchange programs with the students of other universities of other countries. They have even allowed international students to begin their academic year in September instead of April, which is the beginning month for an education year in the country. Not only this, they have introduced more courses which are either partly or fully taught in the English language, hence making life easier for students who do not know Japanese.

If some students find living and studying expensive compared to other nations, additional financial aid has also been introduced, especially for international students. 

The number of total universities in the country is 780, out of which 80% are private institutions. The best part is that 41 universities in the country find their place in the world’s best universities. 

The most prominent university in Japan is the University of Tokyo. This university finds the highest spot among other Japanese universities in the world rankings. It has an excellent reputation when it comes to academic disciplines as well. It comes in the top ten when it comes to studying subjects like chemistry, astronomy, physics, etc.

Eligibility Criteria 

Apart from a valid passport, you need to show proof of twelve years of completing your education and a diploma from high school. You will also be required to present certain proofs of identity and verification. There are entrance courses for admission to some courses that students need to check when applying.

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