Universities in Jordan

Jordan is an excellent place for international students looking for an economic country to pursue their higher studies with ancient ruins and natural wonders. It is preferred by students who choose to follow their educational programs in Arabic. Jordan has a rich cultural and religious history that inspires every tourist visiting here.

Over 44,000 international students study in Jordon and pursue their careers. Jordan ranks first in education in the Arab world. The universities offer an advanced educational curriculum well represented by Jordon’s 98.23% literacy rate.

Best Universities in Jordan

Jordan has many educational institutes that rank in the world’s top universities. Jordan University of Science and Technology is the student’s favourite and the most popular institute for those pursuing education in nursing, computer science, engineering, physical science, math, art & humanities, and social sciences. It ranks first in The World University Rankings – Times Higher Education and fourth in QS World University Rankings. 

The second best in the town is the University of Jordan. It ranks third in the World University Rankings – Times Higher Education and second in Scimago Institutions Rankings. Other famous institutes for international students in Jordan are Yarmouk University, Al-Balqa Applied University, Hashemite University, and German Jordanian University.

Eligibility Criteria

Students must show their higher secondary education certificate or a high-school diploma. For those pursuing master’s, a bachelor’s degree with a GPA score of 2-3 out of 4 is mandatory. Students can fill out the application form for the desired university from the website and submit it online with other required documents. 

You need two passport-sized photos, results of TOEFL, previous academic results, a letter of recommendation, transcripts, resume, and other documents. Check out the details for admission before applying. You can apply for a visa once the university accepts your application.

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