Universities in Kharkov, Ukraine

Kharkov, one of the most popular cities in Ukraine, has a centuries-old history with a stable economy. Naturally, the city is the home to many prestigious universities and graduate schools. Every year many applicants from Russia and other countries apply to study in Kharkov. Here students can explore high-paying job opportunities and build a successful career.

Why Study in Kharkov, Ukraine?

The higher education system in Kharkov has a flexible and well-organized structure that follows modern trends and tendencies. It provides the best development training with a strong scientific and social infrastructure. Each university and graduate school gives equal opportunities to locals and international students. Most study courses include proficiency improvement courses, language courses, and advanced courses.

Kharkov National Medical University is the best institute for medical students and practitioners with top-graded courses and training facilities. The most-popular university among International stunts is the Kharkov National University of Internal Affairs. The other top-ranked universities include the Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics for engineering and Staatliche Akademie für Kommunalwirtschaft Charkiw for economics and business studies.

UNESCO recognises most universities in Kharkov to match the general educational standards of Europe and America. The type of study institutes in Kharkov includes vocational training schools, technical colleges, public universities, and private academic institutes.

Eligibility Criteria

Prospective students applying to a technical school or university should first fill out the online application form. Both locals and international application should pay tuition fees. However, deserving students can apply for scholarships and get financial assistance.

Students pursuing a Master’s Degree should produce a valid under-graduation degree certificate from a reputed university. Also, researchers applying for a doctorate should have good post-graduation records.

Once the student receives the official invitation letter, they can apply for the study visa. Generally, a temporary visa gets approved within three weeks with a duration of 90 days, and this can be extended up to a year.

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