Universities in Kherson, Ukraine

Are you planning to study for internationally recognised degrees from top universities? Then, you must look for Universities in Kherson. Kherson’s universities provide students with everything from low tuition fees to vibrant student life or excellent education to adequate facilities. 

Get to Know About Universities in Kherson

More than five reputed universities in Kherson include Kherson State University, International University of Business and Law Kherson, Kherson Economic and Legal Institute, Kherson Academy of Continuous Education of Kherson Regional Council, and others. 

Ranked 40th in Ukraine and 5485th globally by the Webometrics Ranking Web of Universities in 2021, the Kherson State University is one of the oldest and most prestigious higher education with a large population of international students. It is actively involved in research activities and is home to young scientists, doctoral candidates, postgraduate students, and more. KSU is a significant multidisciplinary academic, educational and cultural centre. It is also a patent holder for utility models and inventions. It was placed at 1590 position in Europe by the EduRank Rankings 2021.

According to EduRank ‘s 2021 Ranking, Kherson National Technical University is currently at 2nd spot in Kherson and 125th in Ukraine. It has seven study buildings, three dormitories, a science and technology library, sports complexes, a computer centre, a dining room, and a student polyclinic. With a focus on technical education and innovative research, KHNTU attracts around 5,500 students and produces thousand of professionals every year. 

Eligibility Criteria

The documents needed to apply for a Ukrainian student visa are an application form, passport, medical insurance, visa fee receipt, university invitation letter, two passport size photos, bank details, and a sponsored letter from parents. 

Those willing to take admission to Kherson National Technical University should submit an education certificate, study invitation, four photographs sized 30x40mm, passport, academic documents, and a valid insurance policy. 

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