Universities in Kunming, China

Studying in Kunming is indeed an excellent opportunity to grab. Often called the “Spring City,” Kunming is one of the most liveable places in China. With a comfortable climate and hospitable locals, this place offers Chinese and international students a pleasant study experience. Of course, Kunming hosts an array of specialised education programs in various subjects. 

Why Study in Kunming, China?

Kunming has 28 Chinese Government affiliated universities, offering more than 250 study programs in various subjects. These world-class universities provide degree courses that are globally recognised.

The top-ranked university in Kunming is Yunnan University, with many departments and international-level exchange programs. The best university to pursue Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Engineering and Science is Kunming University of Science and Technology. Students interested in Business Administration can apply to Yunnan University of Finance & Economics or Yunnan College of Business Management. The best university to study Language and Arts is the Yunnan Arts University.

Alongside such diverse course options, students can apply for a student fee waiver with the Chinese Government Scholarship and the Chinese Provincial Scholarship. The best thing about studying in Kunming is that most universities and colleges provide equal opportunities to the graduates, irrespective of gender and nationality.


Universities in Kunming accept applications across the globe with the same eligibility criteria.

Students can enrol in any education program by submitting an online application form.

International students require HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) Certification or the Chinese Proficiency Test marks to apply in Language Programs. If the course is in English, only providing TOEFL or IELTS Exam marks is enough.

The Universities in Kunming do not conduct additional admission tests, and they select candidates based on their age and previous academic merits. If the student’s application gets accepted, they receive the letter of acceptance to proceed with the rest of the admission process.

Once international students get an X1 or X2 level student visa or residency permit, they can freely stay in Kunming till the course ends. 

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