Best Universities in Los Angeles – Ratings & Rankings 2022

Los Angeles, the largest city in California, is more often known as the global centre of entertainment. Thanks to the iconic Hollywood film industry, the city has inspired culture across continents. Home to some of the most sought-after universities globally, Los Angeles is a beautiful city for students to enrich their academic lives. For instance, LA houses more museums per capita than anywhere globally. 

Every year thousands of students apply to a wide range of courses offered by the premier institutes. The courses range from computer sciences to filmmaking, business management to liberal arts, and theatre to economics.

Top 5 Universities in Los Angeles

Here are the ranking and ratings of the best universities in Los Angeles.

RankingLogoUniversityStudent Satisfaction RatingOfficial Website
#1University of California, Los AngelesUniversity of California, Los Angeles8.8/10
#2University of Southern CaliforniaUniversity of Southern California9/10
#3Loyola Marymount UniversityLoyola Marymount University9.2/10
#4Occidental CollegeOccidental College8.6/10
#5California State University, Los AngelesCalifornia State University, Los Angeles9.4/10

What makes Los Angeles a Center of Higher Studies?

The University of Southern California is the first private university opened in the city. It finds a place in the world’s top twenty universities, as per The Times Higher Education Report, 2020. Dana and David Dornsife College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences, a part of this University, is one of the most renowned colleges in the world. The University has garnered more Oscar awards than any other institute globally, including Clint Eastwood, John Wayne, and Robert Zemeckis. It further provides an excellent platform for budding artists to sharpen their skills. Post-study work opportunities are also tremendous in the creative industry of LA itself.

University of California (UCLA) is another leading institute located in LA. It offers majors in more than 125 courses and minors in 80 courses. They have given the world some of the most notable Nobel Prize laureates. 

Eligibility Criteria

To apply to the universities in Los Angeles, one needs to submit an application form after paying the requisite application fee. The universities require a specific SAT or ACT score before accepting the applications. The selection rate of applications is about 12%, which explains the competitive nature of the process. For postgraduate courses, the universities ask for GMAT, GRE, MCAT test scores etc. 

For international students, an English language proficiency test like IELTS, TOEFL etc., becomes necessary. A student visa on a passport valid throughout the course is needed for international students. The University also provides scholarship options to the students, and forothers they require proof of financial eligibility. Applicants need to go through the university’s official website to learn more about the process.

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