Universities in Makassar, Indonesia

The fourth most populous country globally, Indonesia is known for its rich cultural and ethnic diversity. With over 300 ethnic groups, dozens of languages and multitudes of traditions, it is a vibrant land filled with diversities yet a sense of oneness. Students from all over the world come to Indonesia to experience this unique melting pot of cultures.

Located in the province of South Sulawesi, Makassar is a major educational centre of the region. It is home to a plethora of public as well as private universities. These include the State University of Makassar, Hasanuddin University, Muhammadiya University of Makassar, etc.

What Makes Makassar a Centre of Higher Studies?

Makassar is a prominent study destination of the country. It provides world-class education, best in field teaching faculty, optimum student-teacher ratio, international collaboration, and work opportunities for the students. Low tuition fees and affordable cost of living make Makassar a favourite among students. 

The State University of Makassar, established in 1961, caters to thousands of students of Sulawesi and beyond. It offers study programs in more than a hundred subjects, and the courses in business administration here are one of the highest-ranked in the region. 

Eligibility Criteria

Indonesia follows the international standards of the admission process. A secondary school certificate is required for admission to a bachelor’s degree. For a master’s program, a bachelors’ degree is required and so on.

The universities in Makassar are considerably autonomous and set their eligibility criteria accordingly. To begin the admission process, students need to apply directly to the university of their choice. Generally, the universities conduct entrance exams to screen the candidates, followed by interviews. 

The documents required at the time of admission include academic transcripts of the previous three years, a detailed statement of purpose, a comprehensive resume, IDs, and a passport. International students need to prove their language proficiency and financial viability to confirm their seat in the university. 

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