Universities in Makhachkala, Russia

With one of the best mass-education systems across Russia, Makhachkala has a strong education culture. With a 98% above literacy rate, Makhachkala is well-known to offer the best quality education facilities to its citizens and international students. If you plan to study in Russia, consider choosing Makhachkala as the study destination. Once you finish your degree, explore high-paying job opportunities in reputed companies.

Why Study in Makhachkala, Russia?

Makhachkala ranks ten among the cities in Russia, offering the best quality education. There are 13 private and public universities in Makhachkala, offering 291 study programs for Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD, and Doctorate. The main area of interest includes Economics, Law, Technology, Management, Computer Science, Engineering, Accounting, and Medical Science.

Dagestan State University is the best of all universities in Makhachkala, holding 74th rank in the QS World University Rankings. With a 4.9 student satisfaction index, this university has 9500 active enrolments every year. 

Dagestan State Technical University is the second-best university in Makhachkala, offering specialised courses in Information Technology and Engineering. Dagestan State Medical University is the best place to study Health and Medical Science in Makhachkala.

The government of Makhachkala administers every university in Makhachkala to ensure everyone gets equal opportunities. Students can freely participate in cultural events and short-term language study programs. Alongside that, Students of all nationalities can apply for Russian Government Scholarships to get tuition fees waived. 


Universities in Makhachkala accept applications from all over the world. 

The citizens of Russia don’t have any constraints while applying for any study program. But international students applying for courses taught in Russian should get A1 level TORFL Exam Certification. Students applying for courses taught in English should have valid TOEFL or IELTS exam scores.

Visit the university’s official website to fill up the online application form. Once you receive the letter of acceptance, apply for a student visa permit in Russia. Based on the period of your stay, you will get a short-term visa with 90 days validity or a long-term visa with 1-year validity. You can then study in Makhachkala.

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